Lily Yen

Dr Lily Yen

Mathematics Education Consultant

Parents I have met in my career are devoted to the life-long education of their children; however, on this long, often lonely, journey, a parent may feel lost sometimes—Does my child have to struggle so hard to learn this? Do I have to put my child in so many extracurricular activities to ensure my child's success in life? What is the purpose of my child's learning? How do I prepare my child to become a contributor of a biotech/infotech future?

With over 24 years of experience counselling parents and advising students in Yen-Hansen Learning Centre, I help parents overcome immediate obstacles of parenting while remaining focused on their long-term goals.

I have spoken to teachers and taught future teachers mathematics. I presented outdoor math games at the International Congress of Mathematics Education in Copenhagen where I also gave a public lecture on Mathemusical Symmetry. I instigated the Student-centered, Non-competitive, All-inclusive, Problem-based (SNAP) Math Fair at Capilano University where the math department has invited elementary schools to SNAP Math Fairs twice a year since 2008.

Phone: 604.320.0809