Dr. Lily Yen Dr. Mogens Lemvig Hansen

Yen–Hansen Learning Centre

Phone: 604.320.0809

Drs. Lily Yen and Mogens Lemvig Hansen

Mathematics, Calculus & Physics

Small classes, individualised teaching

Grade 4 through university

North Burnaby

We design our own teaching materials. We cultivate the joy of understanding. We teach strength, stamina, and independence.

Why do we tutor?

We opened our tutoring centre in 1996 to teach mathematics in North Burnaby because we wanted to share the beauty of mathematics. The appreciation of its beauty only comes from a deep understanding. For this reason, we teach the why's while encouraging our students to challenge a solution by finding other approaches. Learning mathematics well requires continuous commitment and creativity. Through our passion for mathematics and broad experience guiding students on their mathematical journeys, we hope to inspire our students' commitment and cultivate their problem solving creativity.

Whom do we tutor?

Most of our students come to our tutoring centre because they find school mathematics not challenging enough. Our customized homework assignments allow students to be free to delve into a subject as deeply as they want, even in a class setting where students learn the same topics.

Many of our students are from Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam, but we have or have had students from all over Metro Vancouver: from Vancouver Westside to Richmond and Delta, Surrey and Langley, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, and back to North and West Vancouver.

Over the years we have taught a few students with learning disabilities. While this is not our expertise, we feel that we have had a measure of success also with such challenges.

How do we tutor?

Once a student has learned the basics of arithmetic, typically by the end of grade 3 in elementary school, we can start building the foundation of fractions and its many applications like ratio, rates, proportion, decimal, and percentage. The student needs to learn each concept well enough to be able to explain it to his peers. Computational accuracy is important, but always accompanied by thorough understanding.

We believe that mathematics cannot be compartmentalized. Thus we mix topics not only to help students retain what they have learned, but also to develop decision making in problem solving: when to use which technique.

In our math tutoring centre, we have the privilege of witnessing how students mature mathematically over a long time, say eight to nine years. Therefore, in addition to learning mathematics, our students also consult us regarding university course selection and career choices.