The country lies in deep repose
Fred hviler over land og by

A hymn by B.S. Ingemann, 1823

The country lies in deep repose,
and peace rules hearth and home,
while silver clouds the moon inclose
and through the heavens roam.

The lake without a ripple lies
in heaven’s soft embrace;
from yonder hills sweet voices rise
and thank the Lord of grace.

While earth succumbs to peaceful rest
and finds from care relief,
I bid you, stranger, in my breast:
Forget your fear and grief.

Make peace with every soul that here
may not you understand;
behold, from heaven’s lofty sphere
peace falls upon the land!

An angel, standing by your side
with healing on his wings,
to you, when falls the eventide,
sweet peace from heaven brings.

O, learn of him your evening song:
Peace be to every soul!
Though here he may not tarry long,
he leads to yonder goal.

Peace with each heart, both far and near,
where restlessness may gnaw!
Peace with the few that hold me dear
and those I never saw.

The first six stanzas were translated by P.C. Paulsen and are to the best of my knowledge in the Public Domain.

Stanza 7: © Copyright 2002 by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.

You may make copies of this hymn for a single event provided

  1. you include a copyright notice (© Copyright 2002 by Mogens Lemvig Hansen) and source (, and
  2. you do not alter my translation except for the use of capital letters.
That means that you may include my translation on a song sheet to be used once, but you may not re-use the song sheet; you have to make another one - or ask me…

Danes usually sing this hymn to a tune by Rudolph Bay: 49kb .pdf file. The metre is 86.86 iambic (common metre).

The midi sequence of the tune linked above was kindly provided by Poul Christian Rasmussen. Last revised September 22nd, 2006.

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