It is delightful to share a road
Det er så yndigt at følges ad

A hymn by N. F. S. Grundtvig, 1855.

It is delightful to share a road
when two have chosen to stay together:
the joy is double when light the load,
and storms are but half as hard to weather.
Yes, it is merry
for two to carry,
for two to carry
their plumage, very,
sustained by love,
sustained by love.

It is enjoyable everywhere
when two their wills have in one united;
and what will carry the larger share
is love that deep in the heart is sited.
It is a pleasure
to be a treasure,
to be a treasure
in heartfelt measure
of unity,
of unity.

It is so wonderful to obey
the Lord who governs all mighty nations.
He won’t forget us when we are grey;
His mercy covers all generations.
It’s joy forever
that they will never,
that they will never
desert us, never,
the Words of God!
the Words of God!

To part brings sorrow to loving hearts
when two have chosen to stay together.
But praise the Lord as He hope imparts:
in Paradise they shall see each other.
It’s joy agreeing
and keep on being,
and keep on being
like two who’re seeing
that life is love,
that life is love.

Each married couple who lovingly
in Jesus’ name celebrate their wedding,
through happy times and adversity
will find that day and night they are getting
the message clearly
that they have really,
that they have really
their hearth-flame dearly
surpassed with love,
surpassed with love.

© Copyright 2001 by Folmer E. Johansen and Mogens Lemvig Hansen.

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This hymn has its own tune by C. E. F. Weyse: 53kb .pdf file. The metre is 9 10.9 iambic-anapestic.

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