Are you downhearted, dearest friend
Er du modfalden kære ven

A hymn by N. F. S. Grundtvig, 1850-51.

Are you downhearted, dearest friend,
who in God’s Son believe
and in His saviour-name your prayers
say every morn and eve?

Look up beyond the darkened clouds
to Heaven far above
where God, our Father, in His hand
holds everything with love.

Then, like a child, look at this world
and know that all that’s here
exists in service to the good
of those whom God holds dear.

They say each devil has his time
but certain is that all
who fought against our mighty God
have met defeat and fall.

God’s angels are so many kinds,
you’ll find them everywhere,
and what God’s will is aiming at
does happen on a hair.

God’s purpose is in every storm,
however wild it is;
each flood and every raging fire
a servant is of His.

And when the world is casting lots
for honour, goods, and life,
God in His hand the outcome holds
with loving-kindness rife.

If you believe that God does love
what He from dust has made,
then in His Spirit rest and work
and never be afraid.

A mighty fortress is our faith,
its spires our hope proclaim.
In faith God’s Spirit we receive
when baptized in Christ’s name.

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This hymn has its own tune by Carl Nielsen; a 46 kb .pdf file. The metre is 86.86 iambic (common metre).

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