O Jesus, source of love and care
O Jesus, du al nådens væld

A hymn by Thomas Kingo, 1699

O Jesus, source of love and care,
You took my sinful burden;
You did not try Yourself to spare
but gave salvation certain.
Grant that I thus my neighbour love
and let this be a sign thereof:
I never want to hurt him.

For he who clings to goods and might
and worldly honour treasure,
and who disdains his neighbour’s light,
in mockery takes pleasure,
if he in church a pious role
displays, God will not know his soul,
it is an empty gesture.

Grant that my lips hypocrisy
and guile shall ne’er be sounding,
nor pretty words of mine shall be
a wicked thought expounding;
but grant that truthfully I can
love both my God and fellow man
and reap a joy abounding.

Copyright 2000 by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.

You may make copies of this hymn for a single event provided

  1. you include a copyright notice (Copyright 2000 by Mogens Lemvig Hansen) and source (http://yen-hansen.ca/hymns/mlh02.html), and
  2. you do not alter my translation except for the use of capital letters.
That means that you may include my translation on a song sheet to be used once, but you may not re-use the song sheet; you have to make another one - or ask me…

The canonical tune for this hymn is Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit = Hvad kan os komme til for nød: 42kb .pdf file. The metre is 87.87.887 iambic.

The midi sequence of the tune linked above was kindly provided by Poul Christian Rasmussen. Last revised September 22nd, 2006.

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