Our Chinese Names

Here are our Chinese names in Chinese characters, Taiwanese, and Pin-Yin (the official mainland Chinese transcription to the Latin alphabet based on Mandarin pronunciation), along with character by character translations, connotations, under- and overtones.

Mogens: 蒙恩士

Taiwanese: Bông Un-Sū
Pin-Yin: Méng En-Shì

Thus, 蒙恩士 means a gentleman covered in grace and blessing. My mother-in-law was very pleased with herself when she found (or constructed) this transcription of my Danish first name, Mogens (which is a perversion of Magnus, which in turn is Latin for great).

In Chinese tradition the family name is mentioned first, so we use 蒙 as our Chinese family name even if it is derived from my given name.

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Kristian Ki-Un: 蒙基恩

Taiwanese: Bông Ki-Un
Pin-Yin: Méng Ji-En

Thus, Ki-Un or 基恩 means the blessing and grace of Christ while 蒙基恩 means covered in the blessing and grace of Christ.

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Justine Jîn-Bín: 蒙仁憫

Taiwanese: Bông Jîn-Bín
Pin-Yin: Méng Rén-Mǐn

Thus, 蒙仁憫 means covered in kindness, sympathy, and mercy.

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Nikolaj Î-Hok: 蒙怡福

Taiwanese: Bông Î-Hok
Pin-Yin: Méng Í-Fú

Thus, 蒙怡福 means covered in inherited contentment and good fortune with his heart in Taiwan.

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