My wife and I in Legoland

My name in Chinese characters
My name is Mogens Lemvig Hansen. Here I am with my wife, Lily Yen. We have three children, Kristian, Justine, and Nikolaj. We all live in North Burnaby which is a suburb of Vancouver on the Pacific coast of Canada, if you are from out-of-town.

I tutor mathematics and physics in small classes for a living. Lily’s work life is more complicated: She teaches with me in our tutoring business, she teaches at Capilano University, and she pursues her research interests as Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University.

I am active in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Coquitlam where I serve on Council. Moreover, I am the webmaster of the Danish Lutheran Church here, and when the church published a new hymnal of English translations of Danish hymns, I was heavily involved typing the music and being the TeXpert in residence.

I am also captain of our local Block Watch group. The fancy title implies that I get to deliver the quarterly newsletter to my neighbours.

I have had great fun translating a few Danish hymns:

  1. Do not despise the days of small things! by Grundtvig.
  2. O Jesus, source of love and care by Thomas Kingo.
  3. Are you downhearted, dearest friend by Grundtvig.
  4. It is delightful to share a road by Grundtvig.
  5. Wake up and let your strings be sounding by Thomas Kingo.
  6. The last stanza of The country lies in deep repose by B.S. Ingemann.

I always did like verse. I was therefore delighted to find Hans Christian Andersen’s proof of Pythagoras’s theorem.

The kids and I in Legoland You can contact me at 604.320.0809

My wife and I somewhere in Prague

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